The Increasing Benefit of the Visa Card

By CryptoCelt97 | Other | 24 Dec 2021


If you have been active at all on this year, you will have received a year in review report akin to what Spotify does every year.

One of the most interesting pages on the report was the one telling you how much you've earned through the visa card.

I was very pleased with the return on investment on my card.

I initially used the Blue Midnight card and earned 1% on my purchases. I then upgraded to the Ruby card which gives me 2% cashback on purchases including 100% back on Spotify. You get further benefits with the higher tiered cards.

I've only been using the cards for perhaps 2-3 months but have earned 150 CRO+. At the current price, that equates to nearly $100 USD simply for making purchases that I would have made anyway. That could further increase the more CRO gains in Market Cap.

For example;

If CRO ever reaches BNB's market cap, that 150 CRO will be worth an incredible $535.71. I'll also earn more CRO from the card on the way up, meaning I could earn even more than that for simply spending money like I would have anyway.

Another factor I found pretty interesting was brought up in a recent reddit post found at;

Essentially what it describes is that if CRO were to reach BNB's Market Cap, the current cashback on the Ruby card of 2% will equate to 11.22%!. This is a rate of $11.22 per $100 spent which is pretty incredible. 

The visa card brings an incredible ROI and will continue to do so in an incredible way if it keeps climbing the rankings. 

If you don't have the card already, I'd highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon. The first card that gives you 1% is entirely free. To get the Ruby card, you'll need to purchase and stake $400.

If you haven't joined yet, I'd appreciate if you could join through my referral link below. If you use it, we'll both receive $25 when you stake for the Ruby card; 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you get the card if you don't already!


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