SweatCoin - Earn Crypto by Walking

By CryptoCelt97 | Other | 24 Apr 2022


What is Sweatcoin?


Sweatcoin is a project that aims to give value to your movement, by tracking your daily steps and awarding you with their token. It can be earned by downloading their free app at; https://sweatco.in/i/ilj97 

Once downloaded, you will start to be awarded free crypto for simply walking. Much like Brave, you can passively earn by doing something that you were already doing. And as the project is young, it could be very beneficial to join early and reap the most benefits while you can . 

This token being Sweatcoin, which can then use to purchase discounts on products, and eventually trade it for other crypto. They have provided the below table to describe their product; 



The essential aspect is, that your movement has value which is represented by their token. Which will be tradable, and exchanged for products and discounts. In fact, they claim that users have exchanged their Sweatcoins for $187M worth of goods and services over the previous 2 years. 

Currently, you can earn around 10-15 Sweatcoins per day, if you reach the maximum of 10k steps. Anything over 10k steps won't be awarded, unless you purchase a subscription that will allow you to benefit over the additional steps. 




The token is built on the NEAR protocol, but will be compatible with ERC-20 tokens after it has been fully released. This should mean that it will have a range of DEXs that it will be able to be traded on. 

The supply of the token is infinite, designed to allow users to continue to accrue the tokens for as long as they want to. Though, there will be an ever decreasing inflationary rate, and the team have mentioned that it will have similarities to halving's within other blockchains. Indicating that the token will become harder to gain as more users are onboarded. The amount of Sweatcoins awarded for steps will thus keep decreasing, meaning that getting in on this project early could be very beneficial. 

The app itself currently has an in-built wallet, so you won't need to withdraw or create an address specifically for the token. 

A staking system will be implemented in the future, allowing you to earn interest on the tokens that you have earned. This will all be done within the wallet on the app. 



Sweatcoin is a project that will award you for simply downloading the app and walking! It's still early days in the project, so the price can't currently be tracked - but the app is free to download, so why not start earning some free crypto while the project is at an early stage. 

You can start earning today if you join at;


If you want more information on the project, find the team's Medium account here;


There are some articles on there that go into greater detail on the project. 

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