Acala Polkadot crowdloan

How to join Acala Polkadot Liqiud crowdloan - Nov 2021

How to join Acala Polkadot Liqiud crowdloan

Acala just started it's crowdloan campaign. So follow the easy steps below to join the crowdloan.

Benefits of joining now include 5% kickoff bonus that ends on 7/Nov

1. First of all, setup your polkadot.js wallet. select the polkadot in the drop down list. This is important because if you select kusama in the drop down list the acala page may not detect your address

select polkadot

2. Transfer your DOT token from your exchange to your polkadot.js wallet or ensure there's already DOT token in your polkadot.js by checking in

Liquid Crowdloan contributions require users to hold a minimum balance of 2.1 DOT.

3. complete all simple activity acala quest let's you earn an extra 2% ACA bonus on your Acala contribution and an Acala NFT . Complete quest 1, 2 and 3. Skip to step 4 to complete Quest 4.

acala quest

4. Click on the acala crowdloan link

5. Goto the middle of the page where there's an explaination on how liqiud crowdloan works.

liqiud crowdloan

5. Click on all the checkbox and "connect polkadot.js extension" . If the website can't detect your wallet, check if you selected polkadot in the drop down list in step #1.

check box

6. Enter the quantity of the polkadot that you want to invest. In this example I'm using 5 DOT tokens

dot quantity

7. Press "submit contribution" and confirm it in your polkadot.js wallet. That's it , you already join the Acala crowdloan



Go back to your Acala Quest page to complete all your task.

Once again, please support me by using my referral link

Thank you


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