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By Otek | Otek | 13 Feb 2020

Hi, if You are wondering how earn more on Publish0x that guide is for You!

I want to share some advises that will allow you to have more readers, followers, views and in the end more earnings on Publish0x. All tips and tricks You will find below is result of my experience and tests on Publish0x.

Let's start:


    - why You click on that post and start reading it? Well, certainly the title had a big impact on that. What should good title have?
    • It should have something that will catch readers eye - for eq key words like: BAT, BRAVE, EARN, FREE. 
    • Also title shouldn't be too long -if the title itself gets boring the reader will certainly not read the entire article
    • Important: don't use clickbaits! At first look it may seems that using clickbait tactic will bring you a lot of views - and that can be a true. But ask yourself: how do you fell when someone cheat you by using clickbaits? Thats exactly how others will be feeling when will be cheated by your trap. For sure that will not encourage them to tip your post!



Look at the screenshot below. It show current 'Popular' posts page:


  • How we can describe those images?
    • Clean - one of the visible things is that they are very clear and simple - no one likes to be overwhelmed with lots of unnecessary information.
    • All illustrations are related to the title - that is also very important. Readers instantly know what article is about. Exactly like with title nobody want to feel that was cheated by cover image.



Well formatted post it's something that many writers underestimate. That is a mistake! Why?

Cause First Look is most important! Just look at that famous example of bad designed website/blog:


For sure most of users when saw something that messy will close that blog as soon as it is possible. So try to make You post looks as clean and good as it is possible. 

In Publish0x editing and formatting Your post is very easy and intuitive. In short time without any special knowledge or skill You Can create well looking and pleasing for reader eyes post  - so remember to always take care on that aspect!


  • TAGS 

Tags, tags are anywhere! If You using internet more than 3 days You already know how powerful tags are! On Publish0x You can in every post add 5 different tags.

But use them wisely. Based on tags used on your post in may fall into one of the main categories on the Publish0x and start to be trending! But, again remember to use proper tags that are really linked and have something common with topic of your article!




That is very, very important thing. If you will have many engaged followers they will read yours next posts and tip it's as well. How to achieve that? Well there is a few ways to do that:

  • Ask for opinions - try in every post add a interesting question. Maybe some of your readers would like to share his opinion and thoughts in comment. This is first step to engage your readers ;) 
  • Reply to comments! - someone add comment to your post? That's a great information. Don't forget to reply to that comment! Your reader will feel appreciated and for sure will check your next article! Also information of your response will appear on his notification tab - in result he will be remember you much longer!
  • Comment other posts- don't forget to comment other posts that you like. Don't write just something like: 'That's is a great post!'. It means nothing - share something more. Write would you like on that post most or share your opinion on that topic!



that is another thing that in your opinion seems to be not so important. But let me ask you a short question:

Will You remember more and recognize this creator: 351665157-79d777ab159fac6be66ef02780dc950c6e2e7d071d6827e5ecbe53dcec38a7da.png

Or maybe more this guy? 351665157-0248b5d64b064baab48db78a1f6ae345630799a16d048bdc9f1ad2b9d3b0e638.png


Well I hope that Your answer is second one :p But it shows how important is for your recognition on Publish0x is to set a avatar!



don't forget that Publish0x is not everything! Share information about your new published post also outside a Publish0x! Where You Can do that?

  • Facebook, Instagram, Steemit and other blogging pages - if You use any other social, blogging platform remember to give you followers/readers information about your newest Publish0x post!
  • Publish0x reddit - do you know that Publish0x got official reddit? Here: You Can give a link to your latest post!
  • Publish0x Telegram channel - again Publish0x got official Telegram channel: - now it have a 1687 members- so in that easy way You Can reach a lot of new readers!




Last but most important thing! It is as simple as that. Remember that good quality always in long term will bring profits! How to write good posts? Well there is a millions of articles, posts, books about writing. I will add just 2 simple advices:

  • Read posts on main Publish0x page - you can found there examples of well written, interesting articles
  • Read your post at least 2 times before you publish it - You article is ready? - that's great but before you will clock on 'Publish' button read it calmly twice. It is still interesting for You? There is no typos on it? Is it clear and easily understandable? And most important: if you were a reader would You will tipped yourself?



I hope You like that guide and what is most important it will be helpful for you :)

What in your opinion is most important tip here? Or maybe I forget about something important? Let me know in comment.


Wish You great earnings on Publish0x!



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