BAT Best In TOP30 Coins!!!
BAT Best In TOP30 Coins!!!

By Otek | Otek | 10 Mar 2020

In recent days, all indices on the stock exchanges and cryptocurrencies have huge losses.

Probably that is a result of two things: Coronavirus panic and conflict between OPEC and Russia.

Also almost all crypto loses a lot of value.

But in last 24h things start looking better - especially for Basic Attention Token (BAT)!

In TOP30 coins in last 24 hours only 6 coins increases!




All coins that increasing values:

  • IOTA - 0,05 %
  • Coin - 0,11 %
  • Tether - 0,17 %
  • USD Coin - 0,18 %
  • Maker - 0,43 %
  • Basic Attention Token - 1,48%



And as You Can see BAT is without a doubt a king!

It crash all the other crypto coins :)


In Your opinion that great performance of BAT is a proof that that cryptocurrency will have a bright future?





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