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ostosmahti 1.0

By Kirahvi Paita | ostosmahtiblogi | 25 Aug 2020

This blog is telling about starting a webstore,

with my knowledge about 2019 starting webstore named Ostosmahti.

There is crypto things and there will be cryptocurrensies accepted payment.

My webstore now ->

Second version of it webstore now ->

It is unoffical webstore and there is only free products, because that.


Short video present about it made on may of 2020

Video & music made by me. 


-- what need to do for making webstore/website:

1. domain name (some is free) 

2. webhost your own or somebody else (some is free)

3. ftp access to user

4. ftp client

5. skill to write html code

-- you can search that things on the internet yourself.



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Kirahvi Paita
Kirahvi Paita

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This blog telling about my webstore named Ostosmahti. I make also videos about it. ->

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