Lockdown : Monetize your video sessions with Ethereum
Lockdown : Monetize your video sessions with Ethereum

Lockdown : Monetize your video sessions with Ethereum

By OshO | OshO | 29 Apr 2020

Because of the lockdown going global, people started to wonder how they can adapt their professional activity and continue earning money !


Today, I wanted to present SmartSessions in Zoom !

Even if Zoom had a lot of problems on security matters (it seems that they fixed it with the last update), it is the most popular video-conferencing tool available on the web.

SmartSession allow anyone (Yoga teacher, Webinar organiser or any content creator) to get paid for the content they make. This is not like any VOD services where you record the session and share it to paid users, with SmartSession you are live.

When you create a new campaign on the 2key website and choose the Zoom SmartSession, it creates a custom Zoom link with a payment method integrated.

All the transactions are done in Ethereum (ETH) but you can buy some directly on the app if you don't own some. They announced that transactions in Bitcoin (BTC) and stablecoin swapping will be available soon.

Here is a video that present how to create a SmartSession on zoom :

More infos or tutos, check the official website ! https://www.2key.network/zoom-smartsession


What to get from this ?

Crypto projects are always trying to find new ways to engage new clients and spread cryptos around the world. This kind of partnership between a blockchain project and a very popular service could be the key of the democratization of cryptos. 
Of course it's not the only way but, in my opinion, I would rather hear people saying "Oh I know what bitcoin is ! People use it to do yoga !" than "Of course I know what Bitcoin is ! Criminals use it for ransoms and guns" ...true story 🤭

I truly believe that in every situation, as bad as they can be, there is something new appearing. I call it evolution.
The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown are very serious matters, but it will profoundly change the way people and companies see remote work and more will encourage it from now. And that is evolution.

Be good and take care of your family
Be smart and stay at home
Be smarter and dont drink bleach.


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Disclaimer : I have no affiliation with 2key, I just found this service pretty cool and decided to share it with you 😘

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