OsgoodEndsGood starts a BLOG
OsgoodEndsGood starts a BLOG

OsgoodEndsGood starts a BLOG

Hawaii, Local Knowledge, Homesteading, Aquaponics, Ornamental Tropical Plants, Hiking, Camping, Adventures, Movies, Music, and Vinyl Records. I live on one acre of jungle and yard on the Windward Side of Oahu, Hawaii, USA, Earth. These are my interests and areas of learning. KRS-ONE from Boogie Down Productions taught me that we all have 2 jobs. One is to learn, the other is to teach. I am still learning and possibly someone out there may learn from my experience and mistakes along the way.

Why is DigiByte (DGB) a good buy?

11 Feb 2021 1 minute read 0 comments OsgoodEndsGood

DigiByte is a fork of BitCoin created in 2014. It has weathered the bear market of 2018-2020 pretty well with strong sideways movement. Though it did have one pump and dump spike that started after a Mcaffee tweet in 2017. Because it is an asset chai...

Parasite (2019). Review (Minor spoilers, if any)

16 Feb 2020 1 minute read 3 comments OsgoodEndsGood

The dichotomy of rich and poor is an issue world wide. Bong Joon Ho's Parasite shows this stark reality in a Korean setting. The poor may scramble for low paying jobs and rejoice at small paydays. When jobs dry up due to circumstances beyond your con...

The Collectors Self-titled 1968

14 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments OsgoodEndsGood

Originally the C Clasics and then the Canadian Classics, this psychedelic band formed in 1961. Their 1968 self-titled album is their first release as The Collectors.Side 1 is 5 songs highlighted by She and Lydia Purple. She, has a wonderful riff that...

This is Not a Crypto BLOG

14 Feb 2020 2 minute read 0 comments OsgoodEndsGood

I am a fan of crypto currencies, though not a speculative investor. I'm a holder. I have collected a few here and there. I have a hard wallet and know just enough to get me into a lot of trouble, make bad decisions, and lead my friends and family to...