The ORYX project and its solution to eCommerce with blockchain technology



The ORYX VISION: Providing satisfaction for both producers and consumers alike.

Entrepreneurs are constantly exploring several ways to not only execute their ideas, but to do so, taking into consideration the convenience for the users and also the ease of transaction. They are most concerned about getting their products and services to the end users with little or no glitch along the way. 

Just over a decade ago, the e-commerce marketplace came into play and since then, countless businesses, have successfully implemented this model and have given positive feedback in relation to benefits enjoyed - some of which are its around-the-clock availability, the speed of access, the wide availability of goods and services for the consumer, lower cost and international reach.

The eCommerce industry, which happens to be one of the most lucrative sectors in the 21st century, proved to be the solution to several challenges in business. Among which were challenges relating to trust, quality assurance, cost of transaction and customer loyalty.

It is safe to say that the industry, in its traditional state, has witnessed a fair share of its transitions and evolutions. positively disrupting the way we shop & live, and the implementation of blockchain technology in the eCommerce marketplace will further ignite a significant shift by establishing a decentralized economy. This is what Oryx has been tasked with achieving.

ORYX is the leading decentralized blockchain based marketplace, with an intuitive all-in-one e-commerce solution built to enable merchants to actively participate in all important decision making processes of the eCommerce industry. 

ORYX builds blockchain applications that could be integrated to eCommerce platforms to provide scalable solutions, authorizing swift electronic transactions and quality assurance, to online merchants by providing applications that speedily resolve issues concerning slower service, improving e-commerce businesses and building useful apps. 

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