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Cryptotab Browser: Definitely Worth a Look

By orneryowl | Ornery Reviews | 20 Apr 2020

So Easy Even Aunt Cie Can Use It

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Have you been using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge for more years than you care to admit?

Are you ready to try a new browser?

Do you want one that doesn't slow down your computer's performance, that comes with a built in cryptocoin miner, and that is so easy to use that even your old Aunt Cie can get up to speed with it in minutes?

Then the CryptoTab browser is the one you want.

I've used a few different browsers in the past week. 

My top two picks are CryptoTab and Brave. Both have everything I like about Chrome but without the frequent crashing. Brave allows users to earn BAT tokens for viewing ads. CryptoTab has a set-it-and-forget-it coin miner that lets you earn coins just for having the browser open. You can earn coins for getting a cup of coffee and a snack or taking a long pee break. You can earn coins for taking a nap and leaving the browser open. You can earn coins for binge-watching whatever it is that floats your boat. The CryptoTab coin miner doesn't judge, it just mines coins for you whatever you do.

I also tried the BitTube browser this week and wasn't sold. This one is more like Firefox or Sea Monkey and has the same problems that made me stop using both of those browsers such as long-running scripts. Another annoying feature: when I tried to download a picture from Pixabay, it didn't give me an option of where I wanted to save the picture, it sent it straight to my temp folder. My only other option was to have it send the picture to Photoshop and then save it where I wanted it, but that's an extra step I don't need. This browser would need a lot more work before I'd consider putting it in my top three.

In order of preference, my top three browsers are:

1. CryptoTab

This browser has everything I like about Chrome but is a lighter browser and crashes less frequently. It has a built-in coin miner and an easy-to-join affiliate program.

2. Brave

Brave is another light Chrome-type browser. Users can earn BAT tokens for allowing them to show you ads. They have worked out a lot of the bugs that stopped me from using the browser for a while. I'm still irritated with them about the unrealistic amount of pain-in-the-ass in having to remove and reset the two-factor authentication on my creator account. I'm in Brave Jail for 30 days because of this nonsense. I signed up for the account two years ago, then didn't use it because the browser was so glitchy at that point. Also, Brave just crashed on me during the creation of this post. So, I still have some issues with it.

3. Chrome

The old tried and true, but I see no reason to open it when Brave and CryptoTab have the same features but are less likely to grind to a halt.

Go on and give Brave and CryptoTab a try. You have nothing to lose and coin to gain.

Don't waste your time with BitTube browser unless you really have a fondness for Firefox or Sea Monkey.


Your Ornery Old Aunt Cie

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