A Quick Overview Of NEW VIRAL CONTEST: LCG Energy



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The first blockchain-based energy token from an energy supply company

Link is below for join this contest.join must ,do easy tasks

LCG Energy is a blockchain-enabled energy ecosystem, collateralised by actual energy to offer better prices for consumers. With real energy and renewable energy projects LCG aims to become the first electricity provider in the world to adopt blockchain technology in order to resolve the issue with the information asymmetries between consumers and electricity providers and bring full transparency to the industry.

  • LCG Energy is a blockchain-enabled energy ecosystem, offering better prices for consumers
  • LCG Energy invests in real energy and renewable energy projects
  • LCG Energy has a capital protection and return of investment > 20% p.a.

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LCG Energy Viral Contest

In this contest you can do social tasks to earn points. If you collect enough points you can win LCG and/or BTC! This contest makes it possible to let the world know about https://lcg-group.de and to create new content.

LCG included their Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, Telegram, LinkedIn & Medium.

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