KYC Open to Majority of Network - Submit KYC if Eligible (from Pi App)

Pi Launches Mass KYC Solution to Majority of the Network

By orbithunter | Orbit's Journal | 23 Jun 2022

The Pi Core Team recently opened up the KYC process to more than half of all Pioneers. Identity verification for the network is a very important before  requirement before Pioneers can migrate their Pi balance to Mainnet. The KYC process is to make sure that there is only 1 user for each Pi Account and therefore remove bad actors.

One of the things that is different with the mass KYC process is the number of possible IDs that can be used to verify your identity. During the old KYC process (using Yoti KYC), there are only a few IDs you can use. For my country, you can only use National ID, Passport and Driver's License. I don't have all of these three at that time so I wasn't able to be verified. The opportunities for KYC before is also offered limited slots. The mass KYC process is expected to validate more Pioneers.

Pi KYC currently has around 125,000 daily active human validators across the world validating KYC applications. This number is expected to rise as more Pioneers finished KYC apply to become validators. KYC applications typically gets verified in about 15 minutes to finish, assuming there are no problems. For me though, it took me a couple tries for my KYC to be accepted due to the algorithm not seeing my photo from my ID. Just do it a couple times.

What They Need for the KYC

After opening the Pi App on your mobile phone, you will be shown a dialog box inviting you to the KYC application. This dialog box will direct you to the Pi Browser so make sure you already set up your Mainnet wallet before you proceed. You can also access KYC by opening the Pi Browser > kyc.pi. you will be needing to provide the following for the application.

1. Valid Government ID. You will be needing to take a photo of your government ID, both front and back. Make sure that you take a clear picture in order to have a flawless KYC process. As mentioned, there are more government ID that can be used for validation. You will also be using the information on your ID to fill up basic information (name, address, etc.) so make sure that it matches up.

2. Liveness Test. During the process, you will be asked to do a take a video of you looking at a camera. The purpose of this is to make sure that the person on the ID matches a real person.

Just a few notes, don't worry much about sharing your ID photo because the personal information on the ID will be redacted automatically by the software. Before you submit your application, you will be seeing a version of your ID that is already redacted of personal information. This way, human validators will never know your personal details.

How to Become KYC Validators

Pioneers who passed KYC will be given a chance to become human validators in the KYC process. In order to participate, just go to your Pi Browser > kyc.pi. You still have to do a quick tutorial to test whether you are a good fit to become a validator. Pioneers who participate on the validation will be rewarded with Pi (coming soon!). There are also a couple rules you must follow in order to qualify for being a validator.

1. Don't Copy or Screenshot any KYC information during the validation process.

2. Don't Download or Save any KYC information during the validation process.

3. Any KYC information during the validation process shall not be shared with anyone.

Violating any of these terms will result in a definitive ban from the Pi Network, account deletion and the complete loss of all mined Pi among other other things. Pi claims that violations are traceable in multiple ways so please don't break the rules. :)

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