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Today is a good day. Today I want to talk about Affiliate marketing. What is it? Why to get started. How to get started? 

As you probably know if you’re not a complete potato, affiliations are like your parents friends from high school, haven’t met in 20 years and still loosely tied to each other. Me I’m a complete potato!

 So the affiliation with a company to obtain is a link or code that earns a referral reward for someone signing up to a company’s product or service. As a car salesman you get commission to sell it. So when you get an app and it saves you money on your car insurance you want to tell everyone right, you want to pass the price on to your neighbor cause that is a good thing to do, relay savings. If you find yourself about to recommend anything, to anyone, STOP. Look for the invite my friend area, affiliate area, referral center or code. Look so they can save even more money cause of the deal you can get them with your button. When they sign Up you get a reward too! It’s a win win!

   There’s a referral code for everything, sign bonus, % of anything spent or earned forever!, free stocks, deposit bonus, discount off the first order of lower subscription cost, referrals for crypto currency’s and crypto miners, faucets, casinos, bill negotiations, games, cash back apps, cheaper gas apps…the list goes on longer than the energizer bunny and lamb chop singling song that never ends! 

So if someone asked me how to get started Affiliate marketing, I think: invite codes!

 If you picture Walmart and Costco having a baby and then target and BJs had a baby and their two babies met and they had a baby…but instead of items it was codes and links to virtually any referral programs code. If it’s not there yet, add it and reap the benefits of being first! 

Organized by niche somewhat already for you you can add services you have codes to and services you sign up just to get the code for. As far as passive income goes, affiliate marketing can be a bit less than passive especially at first with no friends or audience. 

Why before you get started is a good time to think of your own life, if there’s a service you actually use, your going to want to push it more, that service has competition, the competition has codes too, they’re competing in the same market so if you push your favorite push others but passively, say, “yea I use ___ because it is the one that makes the most sense for me but I there’s a list of options I can save ya money on any of them.”

Now you have 30 sites offering the same product and the names are burning onto your retinas. You can fit max 2 links on your retinas it’s not a good storage option, ok! So you make a profile on invites and list all the sites and the new ones you found loading those. Now all you gotta do to market them is send one link! So your fumbling to paste a code first to a service requested on a referral group on Facebook let them know it’s on the list as well as x amount of others, sign up for them all if you want.

Now your bored you don’t need to do a lot of watching for request your a machine you post that link to every post in the niche market group you joined cause that’s who you are now, you hunt for where your prey hangs out and rain down savings on their world and feel like Oprah everyday.

But you can do more! You decided it’s time for a second niche and guess what; it’s on waiting for you come claim all those referrals for yourself and then start hunting.

 You’re 1000 codes deep, it’s been 2 years and junk mail is a reliable source of fire starter. You’re niche master and the only thing that you want to do is find different ways to creatively use a url on other text within your blog dedicated to passive income.

Passive income is not a easily accessible app or something instant. But through small transactions over countless sites it builds. The old under the new forever getting bigger. Passive income isn’t passive right away, you have to put some effort in. But when the effort is put in and the pay grows the effort lessens and one day the goal is to earn enough money to live from old work, work that did work and then kept working!

The worst that can happen is that you, well honestly, fall for a scam and lose every thing, lol 😂 no I’m messing with you but also it’s probably possible. Or Is it?

join me! Refer Me!


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I want to spend more time with my family. Support for freedom would humbling but I’m just trying to spread the word on some good programs.

Opportunity Presented Plainly
Opportunity Presented Plainly

Daily searches for new crypto apps/sites have given me a list of opportunities easily accessible and easily earned. Some require a niche like driving all day and some walking but almost all are extremely passive!

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