Bankroll On TRON Network - BNKR - BNKRX

Bankroll On TRON Network - BNKR - BNKRX


Here is a great DeFi farming project that is becoming more and more solid over time.




This is the TRON version. These guys have been around for over a year and have been paving the way for DeFi farming on the TRON network. If you aren't aware of the VERY LOW exchange prices on TRON then you should look into it!


Very much the same as the massive DeFi farming taking place on other chains, such as Ethereum, the TRON network is making headway in this field. The best thing about this is the low gas fees! The most common projects on ETH have a great volume but in order to do the transactions that is required for things like compounding interest, usually come with massive gas fees reach $30 USD at times and more!


So in comes TRON who's gas fee's for the same transaction are pennies! That's correct, $30 compared to $.025 in gas fees. Do the math here and you can see why TRON could be the next big thing in the DeFi farming practices. 

While there are already several good farming projects on the TRON network I will recommend Bankroll first and foremost.


Bankroll is a premiere decentralized finance network on TRON and Ethereum. It implements a voluntary, sustainable, and permission-less global economic engine. Through a network of financial contracts the platform provides rewards in TRX, ETH, BTT, VLT and BNKR. Bankroll... play to win!!!

Make sure to read the whitepaper in order to gain insight and techniques in participating on


Bankroll simply put is a decentralized community bank. As a financial mutual organization; Bankroll holds a native store of value tied to TRON. These tokens are BNKR and BNKRX. BNKR is our digital cash and is more liquid than VLT on the Ethereum side of the network. BNKRX is our elastic reward token, which scales to the savings rate of the community. Both tokens are supported by several contracts which mine, exchange, and store value on the network. This white paper is purely utilitarian and is your guide to how to use the various facets of Bankroll on the TRON blockchain.

If you like the project the same way as many of us do you should think about permanently locking up some TRX in Stockpile for nice gains.



Another tip is to join the Telegram group because we all talk strategy and help each other in there. 


If you decide to join feel free to use me as your "buddy" each time you claim. Let me know and I will use you as a buddy when claiming at least once.

You would use this address in the Buddy section. 




More important than the get a buddy referrals;



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Opportunities In Cryptocurrency

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