Bitcoin Dip with Privacy on Discount

By titufe98 | Opinios | 29 May 2021

Bitcoin Stabilizing as Privacy on Discount. 

As Bitcoin Suffers all sorts of Bad News Like Australia  ( ) Add JP Morgan pointing out Bitcoins Slow high Transfer Fees , If yu have seen my Blog I pointed that out as my Investments were made on that Base Thought i own no BTC (JP Morgan  - ) Biden - , So much Bad News with China Banning for the 100 time, Tax up to 80% What Blood bath, The Correction was going to Happen no matter what , But wow look how the out side rumors and The Attention Mainstream is giving it. How many Paniced? We truly are in a Pendemic... lol. A  Demic of Panic because of Mainstream Bullshit!, Just gos to show why when every thing gos mainstream Turns to Crap!

None the less i have to say i am pretty happy with all this, well most people are Mad as hell that this Correction is being Manipulated to be worse then it was supposed to be. Thats what happens when the Elite come to play, Manipulate it to the Control it! same shit very old Story. That the other reason why i adopted out of BTC, With Private Coins i have everything i need, Value, Privacy , Fungibility and Freedom. Most Privacy Coins are cheep to send, The Fugibility is off the roof. I never had my Funds Investigated nor a transaction Blocked due to KYC. 

I have made great Returns with Monero I bought 47 Usd in 2020. As well as ARRR Piratechain witch i bought at 0.10 cents an recently hit 16 and now down trending to 4 usd were i finaly Bought the dip ;D. I am Truly Happy and Very confident that Privacy will hit Record Highs as the Government gos Crazy Trying to Force the Great Rest or what ever shit it is they think will be reality, Well that shit show plays out and then we hit the KYC And Block chain analytics Crisis and you will own nothing and be happy. 

I will be buying More Monero Arrr And Aeon. Everything is on Discount. Aeon Hit 4 usd from 32 cents were i bought in and just hit 1 usd were i Think it will hit 0.75 cents later to day when BTC stops falling. I only would suggest Privacy only when its by default at the protocol level. 

Its only a matter of time when people wake up and Understand that what ever is coming after this Plandemic is not Good and Privacy is the solution.

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