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By Solomon Stephen | OpenSource | 6 May 2019

Have you ever tried to download a YouTube video but you couldn't because the site or the app lacks the option to do so? Have you ever tried to convert a YouTube video to an audio file and you couldn't? well, I have always wanted to do the same. However, I have always found a walk around to archive what I wanted. I have used both website tools and mobile apps to convert YouTube videos to any format. And in this blog post, I will be introducing to you one of those awesome projects. You should keep reading to get the full gist.



MusicDownloader is a project by Andrea Ciccarelli. The project's first version release was on Aug 31, 2018, with version code 1.0.0, and its last release was 10 days ago with version code 1.3.8.
I don't think the developer has his project on Playstore since he didn't provide a link to download the project. However, you can get it downloaded from the bin folder of the project's repo.

It saddens my heart that this awesome project isn't available for iOS devices.

Over these years, website tools have been life-saving tools IMHO. There are several tools that Google suggests for converting YouTube videos. For example, I have used Y2mate and onlinevideoconverter countless times. There are lots of disadvantages to using the tools mentioned above. First of all, you need to access to get the link of the video you need to download or convert. Then, head over to any of those web tools to paste the link, then, hit on the convert button. As If the stress isn't enough, all of the web tools I have used usually pop up ads after hitting the convert button. At times, they redirect me to a sponsored website. It's really frustrating but I kept using them because I never had an alternative. It got to a point I download a few apps from Playstore for converting YouTube videos. But as the web tools did, it has ads embedded in them, and I have to first search for the video on YouTube.

What If I Tell You That MusicDownloader Doesn't Behave Like any of the tools explained above?

Yes, you read that right. Let us see how useful MusicDownloader could be.

On launching MusicDownloader, it displayed the permission request message, where it requested to access my storage. This should be accepted if you really want it to function as intended. Immediately after this page, the home screen displayed.

Oh, Lord! You need to see how neat its interface is.

This is definitely one of the neatest apps I have ever used. This wasn't what I expected. Since the app function is to download, convert, and stream YouTube videos, I was expecting the home screen to have maybe a YouTube logo, and lots of texts messages. But, the developer decided to make things different. Below are the screenshots of the permission request and the home screen interface.







Don't forget to stare at the home screen


As you've seen from the second screenshot that the home screen contain just a search input and a button. At first, I never knew it's meant to download or convert YouTube videos. I thought when I search with it, then, it crawls google for possible download links. But no! That's wrong. It actually searches YouTube files, then pops up options to get the videos downloaded.

One of the amazing features of the project is its speed at displaying searched results. When I searched for Joyner Lucas, it displayed the result at a very fast speed. Also, the list of the displayed results is well arranged. The results didn't occupy the whole screen. Below are the screenshots displaying the results interface, and what happened when I clicked on a video.






Even after it displayed the requested results, I was still able to make another search without having to clear the previous results or use my back button to exit the page. This was possible because it still has its search input, and the button displayed alongside the results. I give kudos to the developer for making life easy with its brilliant ideas.

After I understood that it crawls YouTube for its results, I still had the thought that its functions are only to convert YouTube videos to an mp3 file since the app's name is MusicDownloader. After I clicked on one of the results from the screenshot above, It was at this time I saw the real functions of this project.

The main function of this projects is to; Stream YouTube videosDownload Videos, and Convert YouTube Videos To An Mp3 File.These features aren't unique in any way. But, The MusicDownloader itself is so unique for having the whole functions in one app. There are different apps with different names on PlayStore to perform these functions. But, Andrea Ciccarelli decided to embed the whole features in one app.

Before I got to know about this project, I usually search for the video to download or convert from before actually accessing the web tool to do the rest of the conversions. But, with MusicDownloader, I don't need a second app before I could complete a video conversion or download.

Streaming with MusicDownloader is similar to streaming with the official YouTube app. The options to view the video on full screen is also available on MusicDownloader.

Downloading and converting of videos with MusicDownloader are done automatically when the button to do so is clicked. The downloaded video or converted file would be saved on the user's device storage. This is why accepting the permission I talked about at the beginning of the article is very important.

The feature on YouTube that lets users save videos so as to stream them at a later time is also available in MusicDownloader. It's known as the CheckList. When a video is added to this list, the user can stream, download, or convert it at any time. Also, since the official YouTube app lets users view channels, MusicDownloader users can also do the same. However, it does need to open the channel with the official YouTube app.

I have come to conclude that MusicDownloader isn't a selfish app because it has an option to open a video with the official YouTube app. Even though it's also possible to stream the video within it. But, the developer also included an option to open a video with the official YouTube app.

Most of the options you get when you use YouTube are all available in MusicDownloader. Options to share a video, or to copy the URL of video are all available. The only option I see missing is the option to copy the code to embed a video to websites.

The Link Detector

This is the unique feature I have seen in the app. It's unique when it's compared to other apps with similar functions. But, not unique when it's compared to other apps in general. A few days ago I published a blog post about DownloadNavi. One of the features explained in that post is the ability it has to detect links copied to the user's clipboard. I was amazed to see that MusicDownloader has the same feature too. With this feature, You don't have to search for a video on MusicDownloader anymore. That's is, if only you have copied a link of a YouTube video before launching MusicDownloader.

Download Multiple Videos


I talked about saving a video to the checklist folder so as to stream or download it at any time of your choice. What if you have two or more videos on your checklist? Do you download them one after the other? Well, things have been made easier with MusicDownloader. You can now download the whole videos in checklist folder with a single button. I have to count this one as a unique feature. You should also agree with me.

Project Update

The project received a Bug Fix Release from the PO where he fixed the issue that crashes the app after installation. He also Improved to the Paste&Go link-detection mechanism.
When the next version is released, users will be able to see changes in the dialog action button color, as the PO has removed empty spaces from it.


After successfully using, and understanding the great functions embedded within this project, I still don't know why he titled it MusicDownloader. The project does more than the title says. If I have the chance to change anything about this app, it'd be its name.
Thank you for stopping by. Bye.



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