Py Learning Companion

Py Learning Companion: A Python Study App

By Almin Piric | Talking Code | 26 Apr 2021

Just a quick post today for anyone who is interested in learning Python. Py Learning Companion is a Python study app that covers the core concepts in 33 short lessons. Each lesson ends with a multiple choice question based on the material covered. The lessons are then extended through hundreds of activities that will test your understanding.

The activities are broken down into two categories; Good Code / Bad Code and Fill in the Blanks.

Good Code / Bad Code presents the user with ten code snippets and an output. The user is asked to classify the code as good or bad with the press of a button. It starts off easy enough, but the latter snippets get quite tricky.

Fill in the Blanks asks users to de exactly that. A snippet of code with one missing piece is presented to the user who then has to type in the missing code. This too gets more difficult with each lesson.

While moving through the different lessons, the user is also presented with reviews. A review consists of three code snippets that have a mistake on one of the lines. The user is expected to identify the errors in order to move on. The review is passed by identifying two out of three errors.

The activities and reviews use a weighted system which focuses on the most recent lesson covered. This means that a review after lesson 20 has much more variety than earlier reviews. The same is true for activities.

I hope that you will find this app useful.

Py Learning Companion

Py Learning Companion is available on Android, iOS, and Amazon. You can use the following links to download each version:




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