Weight of today

Weight of today

By KJLT20 | Open Sesame | 19 Jan 2020

It just doesn't matter

What I've been,

Who I'll become -

My ignorance shall prevail 

If I choose not to listen to these times.

Uninvited words of hate

Aiming to butcher -

It just doesn't matter.

Grappling with my own rationale 

My friend, my foe.

It just doesn't matter

Any quest to conquer

Where east and west have no distinction -

We gain in our path

After we vanquish ourself.

To arrive

And wish to be merry -

It just doesn't matter.

It's within the festivity 

Of our progress that holds urgency.

It just doesn't matter

To seek and feel

The gravity 0f one -

For the harvestman's complexities

Are tied by many.

To be swimming among ideas

Gleefully daydreaming -

It just doesn't matter.

Perspiration to be had,

Movement essential. 


Can we be where we are?

If so - Compassion and peace

Can come and play.

I say, so be it -

The weight of today 

Takes all doubt away!

Open Sesame
Open Sesame

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