Toy Boat Float

Toy Boat Float

By KJLT20 | Open Sesame | 8 Jan 2020

Jammed into satchel - Observations, insight and awareness 

Time has packed, proceeds and steps onto a toy boat float

Motion of waters pick up and plays

With the beat of the body - Laying naked it stays 


Drain at foot, for the grime and the soot

Here, today, warm water setting sail for time to drift

Yearning to feel life cascading from eyes of love

Onward time goes, to a time only it knows


Passionate winds pushing toy boat float

Through rough and glorious happenings that have been

Time sifts through satchel, confirming it's capability

Preparing for salty waters to kiss it's weathering face


Folding and binding sails, for here something shines

Armed with molded clay in hand - Heated to hold it's hemispherical shape

The sweetness of this moment encourages time overboard

Drenching itself in what is knows now as love


Loving soul, for you are the time that time has sailed to

Allowing these words to fill my cup

I drink thee, bringing forth your strength, today

Open Sesame
Open Sesame

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