Strawberry Foundations

Strawberry Foundations

By KJLT20 | Open Sesame | 14 Jan 2020


His adventure is now 

As the winds are gusty and proud,

Sun nestles upon a midsummer reverie.

Sitting alone it may appear, 

Indifferent he's not, simply free of fear -

Comfortably centered in a bed-of-roses.

Burdensome thoughts no more 

As I am welcomed to reminisce of strawberries galore, 

We tend to the soil.

Strawberry conversations

Turn out to be his childhood foundations,

Shared moment of yesterday's peace.

From dirt to hand

A sweet offering from our wonderland,

Weathered face with applauding eyes.  

A part of our shadow show

We came together, now we go -

Stimulating life's appetite!

Open Sesame
Open Sesame

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