By KJLT20 | Open Sesame | 8 Feb 2020

Just as the sea belongs to the sea,

Winds prevail earth's mighty mountaintop and

Sands shift, continuous -

Life began

And will end 

With love’s absoluteness.

Surrounded by this affection,

Crafted long before

Realizing my actuality -

Before gnawing sorrow, 

Self turmoil

And all the nuances that accompany self pity.

It is this purity

That embraces,

Springing lively impressions, words


Suppling meaning as I

Merrily dance with these vocables.


Your kindness - Sister

Opening my heart 

To an array of possibilities. 

A dedication like no other - Sister

I consecrate and thank thee 

For this vantage point.

Oh, for the confidence to do good - Brother

Freedom from fear of failure,

Fresh as morning dew.  

An eye to observe life's vibrance - Sister

For the air I breath today

Propels tomorrow's abundance.  

Determination - Sister

As we adjust, 

Flourishing into the now.


I meditate

On grace that's been

Bestowed upon me -

Chance, nor circumstance

Never really at play.

Yet, choice,

Both yours and mine,

Have manifested and created

Our recognition of love.

True as the feeling of hand

Upon cheek -

I will be forever grateful.

Open Sesame
Open Sesame

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