My morning cup

My morning cup

By KJLT20 | Open Sesame | 2 Feb 2020


Promenading with my morning cup,

Simply accepting

To what it has to say.

Proposes morning to have its space,

Fluxing with a nearby rill - Inflow anew. 


Sipping into early switchbacks 

Moments to breathe

Contemplating the present.

Proposes earth's gyration

Truly is an offering - Freedom able to dance.


My mug, made with love,

Warming body's core

As I grip into lofty ground. 

Proposes the experiences

Require our essence time to steep.  


Emerging from grove's shadow, 

Stimulating drip

Alerting humanities heart.

Proposes our love

Launches within the bosom.


First lights liquid

Consumed, nourishing one's own

Culminating the journey. 

Proposes morning's vitality 

Is waiting to be caressed.   


Choosing not to retire

Into the routine,

Breaking into stride - I am today.

Proposes adventure is here 

Our day, our time and our age. 


Open Sesame
Open Sesame

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