Fabric of Hotel Despair

Fabric of Hotel Despair

By KJLT20 | Open Sesame | 26 Jan 2020


Evaporating into freshly cleaned sheets,

Cool circulated air -

Standing motionless as I stare


One of a thousand window panes

Provides a frame -

Viewing bits and pieces of yesterday's bliss drive away,

The beat of a newly born heart, smiling back at me

Not yet knowing what to say


Significance lost in the air that embraces -

Descending to floral warmth

As day's impact compels body's decline


Adamant in it's pull 

Bed's fabric draws it's claws -

Compelling notes blare in the distance 

Screeching to be found; Control wanders off


Earth's rotation advances twofold  

Facedown in comfort, yet no longer adept to decipher

Unable to grab ahold  


Perhaps we've merely stopped,

Including all of what I have become

No longer able to ponder

Anticipating what to come


Request from moments that have passed -

Feeling, of any kind, flee

Perhaps then, I can simply be


Open Sesame
Open Sesame

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