You can now supply UNI and COMP in Compound Protocol

You can now supply UNI and COMP in Compound Protocol

By FrenchLegalAspect | OOS | 19 Oct 2020

Hey folks,


Just a little post to inform you that Compound recently added two new tokens to Compound.

These are really recent tokens as it were released some month ago : UNI and COMP.



Now you can supply 10 differents token in Compound as SAI is not anymore used as you can see above.

My though is that it is a really interesting feature as UNI airdropped a large amount of UNI for their user. They now can supply their 400 UNI to earn 12.5% a year for free money.

COMP is a really surprising feature because Compound is still distributing COMP to the Protocol's user. You can earn COMP by supplying them to Compound and earn in the same time supply APY and distribution APY.


Hope you enjoyed the reading and let me know your thoughts on it. 




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