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Most exchanges require a certain minimum investment for staking or earn products

By pcwork | onlinemoneymaking | 21 Aug 2023

Since making money online using faucets and PTC ads is very time consuming and tedious, some online workers are always looking for passive sources of income, to maximize the little income they have.
Increasingly exchanges are offering passive income products for account holders who do not have the time and inclination to trade crypto daily
The simplest passive income options at Binance is the simple earn products
The flexible invest is available only for some of the coins listed there.
Binance coin ,BNB has the largest variety of passive income products and a comparative low investment threshhold of $0.001 BNB
Dogecoin also has a low investment requirement of 1 DOGE
In contrast,for litecoin, the minimum amount for simple earn products is higher at $0.01 LTC
So if the investor does not have sufficient funds, even if the balance is lower than the specified threshold by $0.0001, he or she will not be able to invest in simple earn and will have to transfer the balance amount to make some passive income.
Fortunately Litecoin transfer fees on Faucetpay are lower than other crypto, so all other crypto are converted into Litecoin for transfer into the wallet.

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