New giveaway from Relictum pro

By dqdof | Online earning tips | 6 Aug 2020

Relictum pro has launched a new giveaway where if users join the telegram channel of relictum and write #join1 @AndreiBogdan ,you will receive 333 gtn tokens,as well as the one who told you about the airdrop.The rules are you can not invite the users directly with the link.All you have to do is search it ,join and write #join1 @AndreiBogdan .You can also invite people after you join the group with #join 1 @Your telegram username,and both will get 333 gtn tokens for every user.

Relictum is a new cryptocurrency that has an interesting platform still in development.You can join them here Relictum to learn more about theyr business model and goals.The network is said to be tested at such speed that it can support 1.000.000 transactions/second.That would be quite interesting i think.They also attracted my interest in the former givewaway when they managed to do a giveaway very fast and efficiently,unlike many others these days.There is a competent team behind the project and im quite curios to see what they can do.

There are updates ,contests and a good community,if you want to join,plus free tokens.

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Online earning tips
Online earning tips

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