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By dqdof | Online earning tips | 21 Jul 2020

A while ago i decided to join new airdrops,as i saw there was a lot of new projects that are giving tokens for free.But after doing so for a while ,i want to air some of my grievances.This is just an opinion,and yes i did so in the respective groups,so this is just for other people to read.

Anyway,long story short,i have joined some good projects and even invested in some i liked,not vast amounts but i participated.

Want to give a mention here for some good projects i found and received airdrop like;Zapaygo,Relictum pro and some others i think that have paid on time and are serious about theyr business.

But seriously,there are some bad projects out there.Bad,not like in a technical way,but in management.

Just want to mention some here;

Finnexus,after promising coins,have reneged on theyr promise and only distributed to a number of people

Oikos which after delaying the the airdrop have distributed to a few people 90% less tokens than advertised,no i was not one of them

WCHT Network,asking for fees for distribution after promising no fees

Lung protocol,which the distribution ended and they do not distribute nothing

Rowan energy,which decided that only some people were eligible for the airdrop,after people completed the tasks,they say i was a robot,even after i write to them in the telegram chat,i even had 1 referal and they send me 0 tokens,this is one of the scammiest projects i have ever seen in my life .

There were some others,that i do not recall now.Statistically,i was paid by like 20% of the airdrops i joined,even after i did all the tasks as required.

Why do i continue to do this?Because some of these projects are good and i want to support them.

Some advices for people joining airdrops;

Do not sign with your main email as some are just collecting data and will distribute nothing

Ask questions in the telegram groups about the airdrop,the answers or lack thereof will tell you what you need to know

Do not give anyone acces to your crypto wallets,keys etc

Stay safe and if you have been reading until here,thank you.


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