One step forward, two steps back.
One step forward, two steps back.

One step forward, two steps back.

We can say by metaphysics that our lives are planned and predictable, though seeing the events and situations in our lives in the reality of what they are ontologically there is no interpretation of them that implies greater meaning. From a nihilistic point of view we do not have any lives and there is no meaning. So this is about my views on life.


20 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Dove Grey

Music soothes thoughts Voices dying swindled Late early burned   River forest mountain Faces peer puppetry Mickey service away   Lost demon walk Flight fiction drama Proof pay rumour   Moody angry continue Air lean choke Desperate critics media   Dem...


18 Aug 2020 1 minute read 3 comments Dove Grey

Yeti   Monsterillous horribilous, Simian sapiens Was seldom seen.  The hardy few Who chased him down Were to come from every town, To do just that, To chase him down. But those who loathed, This monstrous thing, Would say that he,  Was not a thing, A...

By the Skin of my Teeth, a novel, Chapter Two, Part Four.

8 Aug 2020 29 minute read 0 comments Dove Grey

 He spent his first day stranded there in the noise and rank smells. He walked through the old central area looking at the ancient stone buildings. The chemical he carried highlighted in the mass destruction’s most wanted list. When night fell, he pu...

Plot and Counter- Plot

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Plot, Counter- Plot and Sabotage True, when I was young, just a teenage fool, I was oversexed. And I think I’ve paid for it, with years Of counselling and libido- suppressants. Also moot that nowadays, they will not speak to me. Even the same, they a...

A novel about resilience and victory, By the Skin of my Teeth, Chapter Two Part three

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 He and the woman drove along highway five to Bylaw. They stopped the truck by a bridge over a river which flowed north to the Danube. Their reconnaissance with the special forces contact was a day late. There was instead a stranger in an unusual uni...

By the Skin of my Teeth, A story of victory and resilience, Chapter two, part two.

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 They went into another area of the city. Johnny waited overnight with a stranger of a higher rank in the cab of one of the trucks. At midnight an unknown man walked up to the window and asked him for a cigarette and a light. As much as Johnny wanted...

By the Skin of My Teeth, Chapter Two 'Mission', part one . A story of resilience and victory.

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MISSION  The army is a big unemployment project. There are no fees for joining, and they will teach skills, and for those who are good at it there is world travel offered. They practise self-defence and espionage. They permit no personal profit or ca...

Letter to actor's troupe

18 Jun 2020 9 minute read 0 comments Dove Grey

 Since we have all had a month down, this led for me to an amount of reflection in my quiet times. So i have now gathered my thoughts and I would like to describe what it was like for me to work as an extra in film and television since I was a child....

By the Skin of My Teeth, A story of resilience. Renamed Chapter One 'Lost', part three.

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 Before long the hillsides of Peru were visible. The plane took a low approach into the city of Lima.  Jonathon stared entranced out of the window at the beautiful villas and palms on its high hills. A more charming sight he had not seen. This brief...

By the Skin of My Teeth, A Story about Resilience and Victory, Part one Section two.

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 "I like your style," said the business mogul. "Come to my Tokyo with me for a short holiday." The businessman wore a traditional black robe from the Shogun. John saw this offer as a way to see some more of the world. He accepted.  "I climbed Mount E...