Tips? on how your post went Viral! WTF 7k views??

My Secret of Creating some viral Posts.


1. Create Lots of Contents - know what is trends for today.

2. Put a thoughts on your titles -  Exciting thoughts either good or bad as long they will read it. that's Fine!

3. Use something new with Original content on it.

4.  Add some amazing images or video.

5. Know how to tap on Social Media

6. Read some notes or news on how it came viral.

7. Controversial post can be viral as well

8. Know their attention - know what attention they want.

9. Tag properly - use @ or #

10. Always remember you can post your news,articles anywhere you like.


Socialize - be part of the tribe

Amaze - pictures,movies, and facts

Be Inspire - Motivation,Images and quotes.

Warn - potential dangers, caution, up coming scenario

Causation - Cause and Effect 

Advise - clue, Tips, signal

Allow - Offer, discount, short cut.give,permit


One of my example is my 7K views here.














This is my Original post, own thoughts and opinion.




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Ken(Crypto Reporters)
Ken(Crypto Reporters)

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One of the greatest coin Hydro

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