Tridex Multi Platform

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 3 Jul 2020



Today I want to present to You a great multi-platform Tridex.

I think that platform is one of the most promising platforms not only in 2020 because it has really great advantages.

Tridex Platform

First of all, we have a Trade Invest Program where You can earn 2% daily for 100 days and all investments from 100$

 automatically get bonuses in TX Tokens where 1$ = 1 TX Token.

That is great news for investors that want to make a stable profit.



The second thing that catches my eyes is Tridex web mining option where we will be able to mine TX this can give You additional profit and profit for all peoples that simply want to mine Token supporting Tridex Platform.


The last thing that we can get from Team is Exchange where we can simply trade.


The whole platform looks really nice and clear it is very intuitive for newcomers and old players so no one will have any problems with using it.


Tridex Platform


What next?

1.  They have ongoing Pre-ICO Round 1: where you can buy 1TX Token at 0.10$ rate. The minimum buy is set at 1$ and Maximum at 1000$.

The investor receives significant benefits from the entry of TX Token into the market. They are making Tridex a global, stable, and technological project capable of revolutionizing the investment market and, as a result, raising the token value by thousands of percent compared to the purchase price in the ICO process.

TX token holders will be receiving stable weekly dividends from Tridex Trading Platform (20% of the profit from 2020 Q3) and Tridex Exchange Platform (50% of the profit from 2021 Q3). Hurry to take part in the ICO. The number of tokens is limited! Act Fast.


2. Airdrop

The rules are simple :

 First, visit the Tridex Airdrop Page

Simply Sign Up with your chosen details.

 For making that simple step get 9.999 mBTC + 30 TX ($3) tokens.

Next step is to go Dashboard and click Bounty Campaign

Join Tridex Telegram Channel.

Join Tridex Chat on Telegram and leave some nice messages.

Follow Tridex on Twitter and leave a creative comment you want.

Submit your details to this Bounty form.

You will receive 10 TX ($1) tokens.

Optional You can complete other bounty tasks and earn USD + TX tokens.




Tridex Platform






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