QORTAL- the gate to decentralized world.

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 26 Jul 2020


Yes, Decentralization is the word that can be used as a synonym for QORTAL the name of a great project!

Let us take a closer look to QORTAL

The platform is built from scratch and puts the greatest possible emphasis on decentralization in every possible point. There are many of them. Starting with a true peer to peer network, peer to peer trading, social media, communication, and much much more.

I can easily compare it to Bitcoin where all think that he is still "decentralized" I don't know what You exactly think but from my point of view bitcoin has only one thing:  "Value"  and that is all. You are not able to join the network today and start mine because is controlled by big mining pools and farms. In QORTAL developers put emphasis on peer2peer network where for joining minting new coins and staying active You are rewarded with Qort. The network is protected by real persons that have initiative to join the network and keep it alive. Just realize You can join and mint. Then try to run BTC full node and start mining with single CPU. The answer is simple.

Decentralization overall


They are building a lot of things on QORTAL network:

Minting Qort is very important for network because minted Qort's will have a role in the platform and they will be used all time. Minting have a leveling system where You start from 0 and can end at level 10. Portal will have a voting system and is very important to make really decentralized network with management options.

Just realize that You can have private wallets that are self-hosted and don't need centralized service.

If you are a developer, there is something for You they are building a place where You can build applications.

You can have a website, blog, or any other media on QORTAL.

The power of that project is above scale and in my opinion, a loot of existing Coins cannot compare to it.

More about QORTAL:



Crypto 3.0 For Dummies w/ John McAfee & The QORTAL Project







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