NOSO- Sha256 Multistep cpu mineable will add Masternodes

NOSO- Sha256 Multistep cpu mineable will add Masternodes

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 1 May 2021



I will highly recommend to you NOSO coin 

It is a brand new coin released in March based on SHA256 Multistep algorythm. It is mined with CPU only at the moment network has an impressive power of 3 GH so for CPUs really looks good.

Features :

1. Developed from 0 in pascal language so not a copy and/or fork

2. Customized addresses

3. Fixed transfer fee 0.01% forever 

4. Masternodes (soon)


Let us say a few words about masternodes because it will not be a typical node where you need to lock collateral and set it up.

In Noso You will need to have 0.15% of the circulating supply to be eligible to be rewarded and it will be hard to run multiple MN even If you have enough funds. The reason is simple, meanly each mined block will increase the number of coins in Your wallet and you will never be able to have a node with a minimum amount ( only if you want to get the reward from one block ) because in next one You will not have enough coins in the wallet because the reward will be smaller than roughly 9 NOSO that is a need to keep node running all time and reward from each block will be split to all nodes. So keeping an MN need a nice amount of coins that will allow you run it for long time.

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