Noso SHA 256 Multistep cpu mineable coin

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 27 Apr 2021



Today I want to present for You Noso coin developed in pascal language based on SHA256 Multistep algo.

The development of coin is really in flames where the main developer focused on Noso plus few other ones developing tools like miners and light wallets.

Noso can offer You few really good features like:

1. It is totaly new , coded from point 0 and not a fork

2. Fixed transfers fee 0.01 Forever !

3. Customized addresses 

4. and much much more.

In my opinion, is one of the best coins that can be really good in 2021 and in the future if you were late to mine BTC do not be late to mine Noso.

All info can be found on :

do not forget to join our Discord:

Join us ! we are ready to help .

Enjoy !

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