Luck- Mainnet started

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 24 Jul 2020


Today I want to remind you about Luck coin.

Mainnet started 3 days ago and wallet download have big traffic that make 5kb download speed :)

Anyway lets back to Luck:

It's a brand new coin based on 2POW mining system that can really make a positive mess in PoW coins.

You can ask why?

The mining system of Luck is based on Argon2d so that coin is CPU miserable and based on luck.

There will be no pools because when you will make a pool and set for example 10 miners to mine on one address you have same chances as other solo miners.

Also for example, If You have 100 nodes that are 50% more powerful than a person who has 50 nodes he still has 1/3 chance to find a block. The power of Your computing has nothing to do with luck.

Still and never will be not too late to mine 1Luck.

Join US and start mining Luck:





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