Luck- Let's make mining great again!

Luck- Let's make mining great again!

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 15 Jul 2020


I want to present for You a project called Luck.

Let's see what the developer is saying about it :

We propose a two-phase-proof-of-work mechanism to solve the problem of cooperative mining. We introduce a concept of "luck" in each round of mining, that is, miners rely on luck to mine. We split each round of mining tasks into two phases of proof of work, the first phase is a lightweight task to complete the calculation of the luck , and then calculate the difficulty of the second phase of the mining task according to the luck, The higher the luck, the smaller the difficulty, the smaller the luck, the greater the difficulty. The second phase is to complete the corresponding work according to the corresponding difficulty. We can prove that under this two-phase-proof-of-work mechanism, the expected output of miners' cooperative mining is lower than that of their non-cooperative mining. This is the key to achieving "one-CPU-one-vote". Whether each node belongs to the same miner, it will choose to mine independently.

What that means to us:

The most important thing in the Luck Project is that the developer of the coin is creating a real peer2peer network, not another farm2farm.

I like the base idea because I was mining in testnet and with really weak CPU I was mining blocks and getting a reward.

Advantages :

No monopoly

The two-phase-proof-of-work mechanism can effectively prevent the formation of mining pools.

Lower fork probability

Since the luck of different nodes vary greatly, the fork probability of the system is significantly reduced.

More fair

The luck cannot be predicted and controlled by miners in advance, the system is more fair than others.

High security

Systemic risk changed from 51% hash power attack to 51% node attack. For attackers, this is more challenging.

If You want to know more about a project I will leave a few links: 






Luck mainnet starting 21st of July.

Let's make mining great again!




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