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Today I would like to say few words about upcoming project called HiveNet.

You already should see on main picture that this project is created in Germany so like most of us know 

what is made in Germany will be a good quality thing ( My personal thinking You know I like Audi cars)

The HiveNet team are making cloud computing based on blockchain technology that all of us love.

If You are using a Cloud Computing day by day You should take a closer look on HiveNet because

the HiveNet team will apply the blockchain technology to revolutionize cloud computing.

Sounds really nice that is why Im keeping eyes on that project backed by ERC-20 Token.


The Cloud Computing demand is increasing year by year because peoples chose cloud computing 

instead of setting own dedicated computing center.

From Light paper we can read that team make research and they say :

"All around the clock and all around the world there are countless idle computers"

and they want to offer for us solution :

"HiveNet offers the technological solution to utilize these idle resources"


There is much more content in light Paper for example about expensive costs of traditional computing, they

also give for us two examples of Customer Use Cases  and much much more.


One of most liked things from My point of view is that the HiveNet ecosystem will allow to pay only for 

used computing power that sounds really great instead of paying for something that You dont use at 100% I just can not 

wait when I will se that in my life.


I don't want to take your precious time, so I encourage you to check this project personally on the website:


If you are a cloud computing user on a daily basis you should familiarize Yourself with this project and if You are interested in blockchain technology

this project is for you. 

And Its Made In Germany I'm in and You ?



White Paper :

Light Paper :

Bitcoin Talk ANN :




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