For me Coinbase is a SCAM !

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 14 May 2020




Today a short story about me and Coinbase Earn crypto while learning about crypto.

The story starts over half a year before I open an account by invite to Learn about some crypto and earn some coins mostly I was interested 

on tezos.

I do all shit things that need to be done as check am I eligible to join that program 

and I was checking day by day month by month can I earn that crypto.

I see only two words that drive me crazy : 


So back to story I was waiting and waiting sometimes forgetting and coming back after a month or so and I still see :


Maybe one month back or little more I send an email to support with the question :

How Long that will take ??

And guess what they don't reply to me from that time.

I just get some auto message and that is all.

When I see portals and websites that saying how many members they have that drives me crazy because

maybe 50% on coinbase join to earn some free crypto and 90% of them never get them like me.

I hope some team from Coinbase will read that if no I hope You will take a lesson that not all called free is real.



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