Cryptocurrency stuck in one place

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 18 Aug 2019

Hi last few years of cryptocurrency give to Us many forks and sometimes I'm asking myself what peoples think when they do next copy of some coin/algo.

Don't You think that at first point of creating new cryptocurrency we should focus on question : purpose , what new we bring , what really we can change. Last time shows to me a massive comming of "new cryptocurrency coins" same algo only small changes in block time ect.

So when coin like that is released it is not only a marketing thing to keep it alive but I'm sure on 99% each of that coins will simple die because of miners that mine massive amounts and then dump price to one satoshi and no one want to buy coin that is on the ground. Second thing is that the "new cryptorurrency" is nothing else like just another copy of existing top coins. I'm making my own project called One Hash Coin when I start my idea i was thinking how to make something old and new at once . Bassicly my coin will be SHA 256 algo based but mining pool will be centralized and will pay same amount to each connected miner on pool. Miner will be inside wallet and there will be no option to mine solo because only blocks signed with special key by pool will be accepted by blockchain (just realize if you can mine any amount of BTC with Your cpu) = That is a main Idea of my coin You can mine all time for example starting block reward will be 8 coins so if 10 miners will go pool each of them will get 0.8 from each mined block . You will be able to mine life time untill Your cpu will die. One of good things that Fair Mining System will give to all of Miners is that the chance to dump price on market will be very small of course all depence of connected miners and their reward share . Mining system will be anti whale miners it self only by centralized pool rest will be open sourced. If you are interested in my project you can help me by donate to start all info in here: and at end I just want to saty that Bitcoin long time will be a Dad for other cryptocurriences. Cheers 

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