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By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 18 Aug 2019

Hello , 

I want to invite You like a investor in my project called One Hash Coin .

In present times where cryptocurrency have a place in our lifes and all of us want to be a part of something big im giving You a chance to invest in something that will be good for you and also for mining community .

Like all of us know many peoples simply can not mine because the cost of hardware to do so is very big and not all peoples have money to invest and start earn we can change that together.


Introducion :


One Hash Coin will be pool mining coin only with total supply of 20 Millions 1HC . The pool will be centralized and pool server will have a special private key. Blocks will be only accepted when they are signed by the pool server.


Mining system:


The work of miner connected to the pool will looks like :

1 hash ; 1 second pause ; 1 hash ; 1 second pause ; .....

When pool will find a block each miner connected will get same part from block for example:

10 coins / 100 connected miners = 0.1 for each miner that submit 1 hash 

By that mining system miners can mine with only one thread and lowest affinity.


Premine & Distribution :


Total premine of One Hash Coin will be 5000 Coins :

I need to rise 2000 $ for make that project live so each dollar you invest will be 1 One Hash Coin for example You invest 100 $ You will get 100 One Hash Coin .

Now you can think that is an expensive coin that is not even exist at the moment .

Yes that is  true but lets make small calculation if a pool will have a 1000 miners connected the reward from block will be 0.001 for each miner they will need to mine some time to rise 100 coins each. Thanks to that price can be more stable and we can get more investors that will buy 1HC. Will be hard to dump price of that coin if each miner will have same supply of mined rewards from each block.

2000 One Hash Coin = For early investors 

1000 One Hash Coin = Bounties & Marketing

1000  One Hash Coin = Private Sale for Exchange Listing

1000 One Hash Coin = Team Reserve


2000$ that will come from investors will be used to pay for developer work and servers.


Summary :


If you are :

-Miner that can not mine with profit 

-Investor who is looking to invest in good project 


This is Your chance to make something new and make Fair Mining System for All.

Does not matter how much you will invest even small donation will help us to run that project . If you are interested in project but don't have money to invest help us and share link to that Project. For more details about One Hash Coin contact me on Discord  :  @OneHashCoin #9449

Discord :

Here You can donate:!/@onehashcoin/w3najdjs4

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One Hash Coin
One Hash Coin

One Hash Coin project.

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