Bitcoin's 2020 Hard Fork Bitcoin Pay

By OneHashCoin | One Hash Coin | 22 Sep 2019

Hi today I want to present for You upcomming fork of BTC Called Bitcoin Pay (Bpay)

It looks very promising and intersting.

I will present main features :

1. Instant Transfer

2. Privacy Protection

3. Low Fees

4. Stability

5. Smart Sidechains

6. Sustainability

7. Scalability

8. Concentrated Decentralization

The team of Bitcoin Pay also aim in ATM's Cards, BPAY CreditCard, Debit Card.

For success of that Coin working 6 developers so in my personal opinion this coin will be a great project.

All details You can find in white paper :

And on official website :

Also You can use my ref link to get 5 free coins :

and of course buy more on official website.

The Hard Fork will happen January 2020 so grab some free Bitcoin Pay and wait for hard fork

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