Mystique Lady - Full painting is available to see in - Link provided in paragraph above.

Mystique Lady

By oldnic | Once Upon an Art | 2 May 2021

Piece of rare painting(Real Life Portraits) for Syrian artist Jamil Al-Obaid, Please notify the artist signature in Arabic at the bottom right of the paint.

Artist name in Arabic: جميل العبيد

About the Painting: Unknown lady gazing and following her observer's eyes.

Link for Purchase:


Who was Al-Obaid: He was an intellectual well educated artist you rarely hear abut his name. The late artist was a members of the Fine Arts Syndicate, a Member of the Arab Plastic Artists Union, and a Member of the Damascus Society of Art Friends. Al-Obaid was born in Deir ez-Zur, Eastern Syria, Art education tutor, and Calligrapher before committing himself to art. He was inspired by various schools and artistic movements, He classified him-self in multiple branches of art as folk art, Which is drawn from people's everyday lives, Traditions, Clothing, Homes, Real life portraits. Al-Obaid left behind a vast collection of nearly 300 paintings, Including portraits of rulers, Leaders, and historical figures such. He held 21 individual exhibitions, 24 bilateral exhibitions, 29 joint exhibitions. His works were collected by major libraries and museums.

Al-Obaid was an introvert he kept him self to him self, May be you won't hear much about him but he was well known to his generation especially to old aged people in middle-east.

He had a brother named Naji Al-Obaid(ناجي العبيد) which he happened to be an artist, Naji was on the contrary an extrovert.

Jamil Al-Obaid lived till nearly 80 years of age.

Please be notified this piece for art is sold as digital NFT.

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