The Origin Of The Universe

Part One: What if one morning, a universe just... woke up?

On the origin of the universe...

What if we are thinking about it all wrong? What if the big bang and subsequent existence/universe/reality that ensued after, were NOT actually the beginning of something, but rather, the end? The end of something else, something the likes of which we may not be capable of ever fully comprehending. This does not however mean that we shouldn't at least try to do so. 

Right, so what might that thing have been, the thing that ended, and thus started/caused our universe to begin existing? 

The death of another universe perhaps, or maybe it's just another "end" to some sort of metacosmic cycle that exists beyond our understanding of time and space. A force that is infinitely creating, destroying, and subsequently, recreating universes pretty much at what we might consider random, for absolutely no purpose or reason, forever. Maybe not.... maybe God himself, herself, themselves, what have you. Maybe this universe was created when they, the God, or Gods, died. Might explain why they haven't stopped by for quite some time now. Who knows, right? I certainly don't. But then again, neither do you, nor does anyone, not a single one in fact. No one who has ever lived in the past. No one who currently identifies with the living, and almost certainly anyone who will ever live, at any point in any possible distant future. No one "knows" anything, not really anyway. So we are left with what appears to be a flicker, of an infinite echo, of what was once a truly magnificent consciousness. Sadly however, who is no longer with us to enjoy the show. Perhaps this idea is completely wrong, perhaps not. Who knows for sure?

As we have already established, that is a short list, you might say. However, this wouldn't then rule out this next possibility. What if "the universe", in the sense that it is the place in which we currently find ourselves, is alive.... conscious even... that is to say, capable of thought. What if the universe is in fact some sort of cosmic conscious being? We must first ask, what might such a being be like? What interests might it have? What topics might it like to discuss? What would it think about llamas? Douglas Adams' famous puddle analogy comes to mind here. What if one morning.... a universe.... just, woke up?  


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Greg Hammer
Greg Hammer

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On The Origin Of The Universe
On The Origin Of The Universe

This is a series that makes up a short story I wrote. The story explores the possibilitiy that when it comes to thinking about the origin of the universe, perhaps we have gotten it all wrong this whole time. Maybe this new narrative would better explain the true nature of nature. I think our current established understanding of existence/reality/the human condition/religion/life/the universe/everything could use a bit of reworking. Enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know how wrong I am!

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