Cosmic Magician

Part 4: Trickery on an Epic Scale.


As I stated at the very beginning of this story though: What if we are thinking about it all wrong? Let's take a look at our own consciousness for a bit. Our personal portal to reality, or our window to the universe from a single vantage point, seems to be switched on at birth, or perhaps slightly earlier, and presumably switched back off at the moment of death. Science and more specifically neuroscience can teach you that everything you experience as conscious reality in between those two events, being born and dying, can be explained by the activity within your living human brain. But this idea has always felt intuitively flawed, or at least inadequate. It does not explain anything about the true innate feeling of being a conscious, self-aware, thinking, living being that simultaneously lives within a 3 dimensional physical reality. That is to say, the realm of thought, and the physical realm in which those thoughts are created feel very much separate, and distinctly different from one another. They do not seem compatible with each other. (Much like faith and reason, which we will get to later.) And yet, here they are all the same, somehow working together, functioning in tandem in order for you to have the experience that you currently find yourself in. I do not just mean your immediate experience of reading this story. I mean the entire gamut of your existence, every memory, every activity, every single moment of your life as you. Two inherently contradictory concepts have been perfectly aligned in a way to create the illusion that you are somehow separate, from everything else. The illusion that you are in fact, you. But what if you aren't? What if the physical world that you find yourself in was created for the express purpose of tricking you into thinking that you exist at all?  At least that you exist solely in the current form that you identify as, that is as a human, as something uniquely separate from the greater whole. We see ourselves as the only flicker of conscious light, in an otherwise vast and mostly dark universe. 


Why though? Why bother at all? Who would do such a thing, and again, why? 


Trickery on an epic scale. 


It seems fundamentally dishonest, at least from our current perspective. Why would anyone go through all the trouble of arranging such an elaborate hoax? In the end, who are they even trying to fool? 


Well, if you think about that for a minute it starts to become more clear. How extensive and convincing would a magic trick have to be for it to fool even yourself? If you are an infinite single point of consciousness and you want to obtain a finite perspective, you will have to become the greatest magician ever.  So, consider your audience, plan all of your angles, and create the necessary diversions to keep the illusion in focus. Deception seems to be a prerequisite for creating illusions, and ultimately if you want to artificially create the sense within yourself that you are in fact, not infinite, then you must become very, very cunning. Especially if that idea, the idea that you have a beginning, and an end, is not exactly a pleasant one. It creates a whole new spectrum of emotions about loss, of time, youth, innocence, and ofcourse, life itself. An illusion that you are contained within the confines of both time and space is, well, rather depressing honestly. Which is why it is absolutely imperative that you believe this lie with your whole heart and mind, indeed with every fiber of your being. All clues must lead you towards believing this. All of the evidence from all of your senses must convince you of this 'truth'. Everyone else along the way must corroborate this story, as they will be the guiding force for much of your journey. This is truly the crux of the entire plan. In this way, many islands of consciousness can emerge from within the depths of the greater whole, so that many perspectives and possibilities can be pursued simultaneously. Without this great deception in place, the necessary separation from the infinite would become ineffective and unachievable. If it helps, we can try to consider these rather unfortunate side effects of finite existence to be analogous to growing pains, a necessary evil for growth. Which is the apparent goal, the universe is growing up. The whole point of getting some distance was in an effort to clear your mind. In turn, this would allow you to grow as an individual, to reflect, to ponder, to learn more about who you really are and to have a better idea of who you would like to become. Possibly also creating some ideas on how to get you there. But all of this would be pointless if you were never able to "go all in" & truly experience this maze from the inside. So take a deep breath, close your eyes, and jump in. Because when you wake up on the other side, you will not remember any of this. The only way that you would know that this goal had actually been accomplished, is ironically by having forgotten that it had ever been there in the first place. At that moment, you would cease having the connection to the whole that you had always known. Now there is only "The new you" and the maze that you now find yourself in, and nothing else beyond it. And that even if there were something outside of it, that you, are uniquely and distinctly different and separate from the maze itself, and whatever else may or may not exist beyond it. You would need to completely 'lose yourself'. So that if you ever found your way through this maze, and re 'discovered' who you really are, what you really are, then you would have truly come full circle. You would of course end up almost exactly where you had started, but not quite, you would now have an entirely new perspective on what it means to exist at all. As I have been saying from the beginning of this story, that has been the goal all along. Your experience as a temporary finite being would reshape your ideas of what it truly means to be an infinite being, which of course, you have been all along. An illusion ceases to exist when you read between the lines and therefore transcend the illusion, when you figure it all out, that you have indeed been deceived. When you learn the trick, you become the magician.

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On The Origin Of The Universe
On The Origin Of The Universe

This is a series that makes up a short story I wrote. The story explores the possibilitiy that when it comes to thinking about the origin of the universe, perhaps we have gotten it all wrong this whole time. Maybe this new narrative would better explain the true nature of nature. I think our current established understanding of existence/reality/the human condition/religion/life/the universe/everything could use a bit of reworking. Enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know how wrong I am!

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