What game are you playing?

I've been reading Simon Sinek's latest book. It's about finite vs infinite games. It's a topic close to my heart and one I've been familiar with since 2012. What's funny is that I wanted to write about it but never did. Truth be told I couldn't have done better job than Simon. 

If you haven't heard about finite vs infinite games, here is a crash course for you.

* Finite games are played by strict rules, known players and there is an end to the game and in most cases there is a winner and there is one of more losers. Football or cricket are examples of finite games. You play the game to win and therefore end it.

* Infinite games are games with not so much strict rules, with players that come and go and with no end, therefore no clear winner or loser. You play the game to stay in it, not to end it. Life is the perfect example for an infinite game. 

Why am I telling you this? Because once you start seeing the world through this lens you will begin to notice how much wrong there is all around us. 

Business is the other classic example of an infinite game. It doesn't have strict rules, it doesn't have start or stop time, new players appear all the time, some players disappear and you play to stay in the game. So then businesses who declare that they want to be number 1, or they want to win the battle , they don't really get what game they are playing. They focus on short term goals and ignore the infinite game. Therefore companies that thrive in the long run can only be those who are lucky enough to have infinite minded leaders at the helm.

Now thinking about your game with crypto, are you playing a finite game? If so, understand, that you are in an infinite game. You can still do what you want but it can be of great benefit to you to understand what are the rules before you decide to win big.

I hope you enjoyed my little musing into the world of infinite games.


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On life, the universe and everything

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