Wake up, the end is nigh

I've been quiet for a while, deep in thought about recent events in the real world. The one we all try to escape but without which none of all else would exist.

It has been my belief for a while now that the human race is inevitably heading for extinction. The selfishness of man as it seems is an insurmountable impediment to all positive thoughts and creation with the good of the others in mind.

You don't have to follow recent events to see evidence of my statement above. Greed, ignorance, complete absence of empathy, violence and even crime seem to have become a part of our daily lives. It seems extremely unlikely that anything short of an extinction level event would snap us out of our current collective mind to pursue wealth and ignore the consequences to our planet.

So with an almost non existent chance to turn things around my call to everyone to look in the mirror and consider what is your role in this world heading for destruction is. It will be in vain almost certainly. But it might change your conscience and how you approach your last days in earth. 

Yes, that's pretty grim. But it actually is. You just need to open your eyes before it is too late.

Monday will be better 🖖

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On life, the universe and everything
On life, the universe and everything

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