Three easy ways to keep your cool

I know there are many of you who take keen interest in buying and selling crypto and other assets, and while I don't share such interest I thought you might benefit from some tips on how to be calm and make better decisions.

I myself used to be quite the trigger head, often blamed by others as being very abrupt and too quick to react. Over the years I learned a bunch of ways to get in control of my reactions and I now get very different feedback as always being calm and cool and making better decisions.

1. For me first comes the practice of meditation. If you can do only one of these practices please do daily meditation. If you've never done it, I recommend using some guidance to begin with. There will be local meditation groups in most places but you can also use an app or other online resource to begin with. Daily meditation will help you be calmer and kinder person.

2. Second comes the realisation that you are fully in control of your thoughts and actions. Except for some extreme situations related to actual danger when your quick reaction is important, most of the time you will be in full control of your reaction. Of course, like with meditation,, accepting this as a fact and using it to your advantage will take practice. For me, reading many books on the subject of how our brains work was the key to realising that I posses the power to veto certain thoughts and to decide how to react in a calm manner.

3. Third is sport. The benefits of sport for your brain are huge. Three to five times per week intensive exercise helps improve the biochemistry of your brain and according to latest neuroscience also helps regenerate brain cells and most importantly rewire your brain. Weights training is best but you can also do any kind of cardio as long as you make sure the intensity is high.

There you are. There simple ways that will help you become a calmer and cooler person and as a result you will start making better decisions. I hope you find this useful! 

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