Storm Eunice batters the UK

Like usual, the UK media likes to blow things out of proportion and the majority of people consume news with a pinch of salt. So it was not unexpected that this storm didn't sound serious to most people. However as the day unravelled and we started seeing evidence of the damaged we all realised that Storm Eunice was different and  proving to be a dangerous storm.I

This is a tree that has fallen down in a friend's garden


And then we started seeing videos like this one with a flying bin

And the seaside towns experienced floods like this

Airplanes found it hard to land at Heathrow

and my friend's garden wasn't the only one to suffer

I hope people stay safe and cautious and for once listen to the authorities. News could be misleading but this is a serious storm and there is danger to life.

Take care. 🙏


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On life, the universe and everything

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