On the purpose of life

My friend died yesterday. The news hit me so hard I am still in shock and barely manage to get by.

I am writing this because I need closure. 

A friend I haven't seen for 18 years but a friend nonetheless. A good friend who taught me many things, who was such a nice guy, who made friends with such an ease... And now he's gone.

Went out for lunch on his bike and that was that. I hoped I'll get a chance to see him again but not a chance now. He told me once that he wanted to die painlessly and while having sex. I guess, being in his bike is very similar since he loved it so much. 

He was 46 and left two kids and his wife behind. Shit happens and can happen to all of us. My point is, make your time on this earth count. Do something good , not just for yourself but for others and for the world. You never know how much you have left.

Be kind, be nice. Make every minute count. Live your life as if there might be no tomorrow. Because one day there won't be. And you never know when.

And that's my closure. Stay safe all.

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On life, the universe and everything
On life, the universe and everything

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