Crypto is the FUTURE: Why Everyone will be in the Blockchain of FREEDOM

By jedryccc | OMG - Online Money Guide | 21 Jun 2020

By 2140, all 21 million Bitcoins will have been mined. No new Bitcoins will be created and the cryptocurrency would have been adopted by many more. Its value, less unstable and its blockchain, tremendously secure. Miners will live from transaction fees and the world will be exchanging Bitcoin day-by-day.

At the same time, Ethereum, today's second greatest cryptocurrency by market cap will have inspired countless of decentralized applications (dApps) and have made numerous smart contracts. Blockchain games, digital social platforms and the like based on cryptocurrencies would be adopted by the masses.

More and more forms of cryptocurrencies, some could even be better than today's giants, Bitcoin and Ethereum might show up to be even better, improving on present day's crypto's shortcomings, creating innovation and making cryptocurrencies even more secure and revolutionary. Day by day we see more people engaging in crypto and at the same time crypto gets better with a surplus of development in many aspects.

Anonymity and Decentralization


Perhaps the most apparent flaw of today's fiat currency banking and digital currency exchanges is the requirement to reveal oneself. Cryptocurrencies have provided a way for people to transact in a way that does not jeopardize privacy. You can send crypto to anyone in the world without showing your face or identity. The only thing that traces you is a wallet address, like a very convoluted pseudonym. 

Mistrust in governments and centralized corporations like banks have been one of the many reasons people have engaged in cryptocurrencies. To be free of control and surveillance. To be free to transact without fear of being traced. To be free to do what you want without being judged. It is this anonymity, immutability and security of cryptocurrencies that is leading more and more people to use crypto.

Connection and Speed

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Bitcoin has paved the way for many cryptocurrencies which has allowed us to transact with anyone from anywhere. Transfers are done quickly and some even instantaneously. Ease and efficiency, no documents, no sweat. The blockchain confirms and the blockchain moves quick. Cryptocurrencies has allowed us to exnchange goods and services swiftly and securely without hassle. Anyone can use cryptocurrencies with ease and widespread adoption is imminent as crypto continues to grow with its community.

Time is Running Out

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It's only a matter of time before privacy becomes almost impossible, and the blockchain might be the only way to remain anonymous. With the rise of surveillance and the dawn of government mistrust, cryptocurrencies will continue to be known and used by many. At some point, if the tyranny of governments allow, crypto can be outlawed and it's up to us to defend our right: our right to be free.

Freedom is a fundamental right and cryptocurrencies have gave us so much freedom today. Be free, be unleashed, be unhinged.

Crypto is the future, the future of freedom!

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