The World.

The World.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 8 Sep 2021


It's hard to ignore the turmoil the world is going through
It's not far fetched to see everyone's heart ache for the world
It's hard to even see most people keep to their words
The moment they turn away they forget even their vows
This is not as much a human factor than it is a character flaw
Most people seem to be concerned with themselves and no one else
The world is changing from what we knew it to be
The world has changed and humans are changing with it
The humans to effect the change are changing with the world
It's quite sad and disheartening to see around
We always repeat the same mistakes, more than thrice
No one is accountable, not even bothered about the price
As long as they can throw on their pain a bucket of ice
We need one another and no one can make it alone here
The world is changing but we need to effect the changes
What's the world without our impact, anyway?
The world has given us what we need
We need to ask ourselves what we can do to make our world better

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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